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Looking for a qualified team in this unique language pair? Troubled by system incompatibility with Chinese fonts? Freaked out with bad quality or delayed deliveries of your current  language suppliers? 
BiBytes is your ultimate solution! 

Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese Technical TranslationChinese localization service provider


As a truly specialized translators team based in China, we devote ourselves in only one language pair - English & Chinese, at competitive rates and delivering unparalleled quality!

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Frequently Asked Question:

  • Who are you guys?
  • Where does the name "BiBytes" come from?
  • How do you ensure your quality?
  • What differentiate you from other freelance translators?
  • What differentiate you from ordinary translation companies?

Read our answers to these questions at our FAQ zone.


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We pride ourselves on being a truly leading team in China providing unparalleled Chinese to English & English to Chinese translation/localization service -  just as many of our current esteemed clients have happily discovered and "verified"!  

We handle only ONE language pair - English & Chinese

Bibytes is a truly specialized SLV (Single Language Vender) handling only one language pair: English to Chinese and Chinese to English (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and any other Chinese dialects)

As a small team of top-notch translators, we have been chosen by many international multilanguage institutions as the primary vendor for their English-Chinese language services. Hiring us means you get a strong back office located in China.






We are not rivaled by other Mainland-based  translators or agencies. 

Tried with them and got disappointing results? Many of our current clients turned to us after having wasted a lot of money buying below-standard  "translation" jobs from those unqualified translators who had approached them claiming being "experienced/excellent linguists". 

We are not the cheapest, but definitely one of the best. There are some cheap guys in this market, so how do we compete with them? Actually, we don't even feel any competition in the quality-oriented international market, our current rates appear to be quite competitive. J

So, if you have been looking for a well-positioned company that truly specializes in the art and craft of translations between English and Chinese, you need look no further!

Contact us at info@bibytes.com, see how we will provide optimal solutions that can satisfy your Chinese to English and English to Chinese Translation needs.


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